My Diplomacy House Rules

These are the personal House Rules that apply to every game I'm mastering. If, for a particular game, some of these rules do not apply, this will be explicitly stated in the comment to the game which may be retrieved by listing the game before signing on.

Dedication to the game

Please note, that a game of Diplomacy may take several months until completed. By signing on to any of my games you state that you are showing your will to play until the end. You should therefore not resign from any of my games without giving a proper reason beforehand. This ensures that I will be able to take care for a replacement player without a break in the flow of the game. It also ensures that I won't ban you from any other games I'll start in the future.

Submit moves by the deadline. Players who are constantly late disturb the flow of the game. It is a matter of fairness to submit orders in time. Although I won't resign you from my games, even if you are constantly late, I might decide to ban you from games I start in the future.

Purposely missing deadlines for any reason is strictly forbidden and will result in me banning you from any of the games I create in the future.


I will normally create my games to have deadlines only on weekdays. If all players agree to have deadlines on the weekend as well, I will change the game parameters.

Deadline extensions will be granted upon request. Requests should, if possible, be sent via "press to m" as soon as it is known to the player that he'll need a deadline extension. I'd appreciate a request one or two weeks beforehand and a reminder one or two days before the deadline needs to be extended. I will respond to the player requesting a deadline. Thus, should you not receive a response from me, your press to me might have got lost. In this case, just send another message.


All press concerning the game must be run through the judge whenever possible.

If a player is late he may neither send press nor may press be sent to him. Players who have submitted orders may continue to negotiate with each other after the deadline.

Broadcasts or press to multiple players (including the GM) might get overlooked by me. Thus, if you need to contact me, use "press to m".

Other game parameters

Dedication settings will not be altered unless all currently active players vote for such a change.

Make sure you obtain a current listing of the game before signing on, because I may have altered some of my House Rules for particular games.


If you need to resign, notify me as soon as possible. If you resign without this, I will most probably not allow you to play in any of the games I'm mastering. On the other hand, if you have to resign for a particular reason and inform me beforehand, I will be able to get a replacement player and I won't ban you from any of my future games.

If you have ever played in one of my games and have resigned or gone abandoned, I reserve the right to exclude you from further games. If you want to play anyway, before signing on.

Some players are banned from my games for other improper behaviour. These players have been informed about it. I will resign them from any of my games if they show up.

If you want to resign and take over your own position in a gunboat game (for strategical reasons), then make sure this is done without any additional delay to the game. It is best you before doing so.


Adjudication of orders is done by the Judge and only by the Judge. I won't hand adjudicate any game season.


I expect players to stick to the above regulations, and to the EP House Rules if not altered above. The EP House Rules are available from any Judge.

If you have any problems signing on, or have any questions, .

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