Sorry for my EOG being so late.

But I am currently in almost 8 games, and this one was a mess for me. :O

Beautiful EOGs, fantastic game (in terms of speed and press.)

A curiosity: It was my first time as George, I mean, as England.

I am not really a newbie in Diplomacy, I call myself 50% Novice, 50% "amateur".

aka Archduke Ferdinand

in this game you were the ONLY one I really could trust, though your actions towards my GERMAN enemy (the Black lier ;) were not sufficient to knock him a bit. Early in this game I thought I could something with Austria and Italy, but in S1901 (!) I new my destiny was carved in stone: doomed.

The most devastating thing for me was loosing ENG right at the start, and I did not achieved Nwy. Wow, two terrible things, and I new right there: my end was close. I tried to keep NTH as well as I could, to prevent Germany from going there.

Also, F+G clearly against me, united, commited one to each other. (At the start they were coordinated, not disputing Bel or with any sort of problems - as far as I could understand.)

My only way to stop their work together was to "launch" lies to each one:
- G: France says ...
and then
- F: Germany says ...
wow, this never works, and definitly this time it DID NOT work!

A really bad start, a really dead-end, a really frustrating game. (And then, when I just lost, I advised the other players/leaders, he was not trustworthy at all.
No personal feeling, of course, just a way to give a small contribute to this game: I was doomed already, and everyone knew what I was talking about. Need I say more? I think he got pissed off, frankly, and I just smiled with his answers, claiming he has been frank to me.))

A word to RUSSIA,
well, early in the game I realised his intentions were against me. His short messages (though he seemed friendly...) frightened me more than ever.
Russia knew my fear, look at my weaknesses, and joined to crusade against me. He was _Predictable_, but quite effective, indeed.

already said... Good game. I tried to gave you all my SCs, in a desperate attempt to launch you against G. ... Desperate ...

a few communicados, not much to say.

Finally, I would like to describe all the phasis of my game:
START: ENG taken by France (no need to say more!)
MIDDLE GAME: one year later, I tried to keep NTH, at least.
END GAME: ...mmm... few years later, not much history.

And this is The End.

I think I will play better as England, next time. (It would be not too difficult!)


See you again, in another stab...

Congratulations to all, especially the 2-winners.

PS: sorry my "accent" ;) I am from Portugal / Europe.


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