Thanks to the GM for a smooth game, and for all for a game well played.

Too bad the game did not last too long for Russia. Russia did not look for enemies in nanook. Early on, I tried to make peace with both Austria and Turkey, hoping that one would attack the other and I would join. I also tried to make friends with Italy, but the unconventionality of the Italian proposal to invade Austria convinced me that there was an IA alliance. Discussions with Rimi seemed to go very well, Rimi always responded quickly, so I decided to work with Turkey. I probably began to neglect my Austrian press at that time.

In the north, I tried to get England and Germany working together, but to no avail. England never worked with anyone.

I was able to throw a lot of force into the southern front. With Germany with IR instead of AT, IR would have prevailed. Germany's decision to support Vienna was decisive.

A note for Austria - Frequently, the power who comes up with the original and infrequently tried alliance is the one to get stabbed.

A note for Italy - Sorry about the bad coordination in the first year. I did not believe you would attack Austria. Another problem with infrequently tried plans is that allies wont believe them.

A note for Turkey - Expertly played. But you did lie too much when you did not need to. It can cost you in a bigger game.

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