First of all congratulations to Glenn winning the game. Thanks go as well to Henrique for running the game and of course to all of you for taking part in the game.

The game started with quite a good feeling from my side. I made contact to all countries and established a positive contact to Turkey (Lee) willing to try an RT. In the north and west England as well as Germany gave me a good feeling. So things seemed very positive. I was then surprised to see Germany bouncing me over Sweden. With England thereafter supporting Germany into Sweden the north was to become my weak spot. EG continued to cooperate quite well against me and RT was not able to compare with them. The main problem was that France was heavily under pressure und thus neither England nor Germany had to fight a two front war. Austria got the necessary backup it needed from Germany and was never willing to even think about switching sides (Turkey and I offered several times to stop fighting him and coordinate our attacks against the obvious EG, but never received an answer). So, finally I put my remaining one or two units to the Sultan's disposal to at least serve my ally. There was nothing else for me to do or gain in this game with EG closely cooperating, Austria not responding, France dead and Italy under attack.

... Anyway, initial communication channels with Germany and Russia went well and I felt that either could offer a good alliance but unfortunately, not both. With France sabre-rattling before I had even said anything, I felt that Germany would make a better partner and decided rather ruefully to stab Russia. Sorry about that but I had to chose one side and as stated, France was very influential in this area!

No need to apologize. I was more concerned about Germany bouncing me over Sweden. I might have had a better chance with a second build in St. Petersburg in the beginning of the game.

... I was always aware that if E or G were to stab each other, G would be in a better position as I was largely sea based and away from German centres.

I do not understand, why in 1906/7 there were to consecutive seasons, where both Wales *and* IRI held in position. Had you ordered IRI into ENG, Germany wouldn't have been able to stab you that easily. I do not know whether both of you agreed on a DMZ in ENG, but there was no real need for that (ENG didn't threaten any german possessions at that time).

Anyway, you might have stopped the german solo, had you been able to convince Italy and Austria to stop supporting Germany. I think this was what brought Glenn his solo with ease, finally.


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