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Please use the navigation bar at the left side to wander around. You will find - interesting? - information about the Amiga computer, the board game Diplomacy and other things.

If you want to contact me, you can either do so by eMail , by phone (+49 421 351252) or snail mail. To do so using the latter method, please use this address:
  Thorsten Behrens
  Buddestraße 39
  D-28215 Bremen

For those of you that are interested here are some personal details. I was born in 1961 in Bremen. When I was a child, my parents moved away (to the Ruhr area), but I returned here after finishing school to study computer science. Since then I enjoyed living in this beautiful town in the northern part of Germany.

I'm working as a software developer for a consulting company, called Euro Engineering Aerospace AG. I have been working on several different projects, ranging from database software appliactions used on submarines up to interface software used in space flight applications.

If I'm not at work, you may find me either doing sports (dancing at Tanzschule Stegmann) or sitting at one of my Amiga computers.

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